4 Software Programs You Should Add to Your Computer

You may have the most well-equipped computer anyone has ever come across with all the storage you will ever need, but if you don’t have the perfect software to explore on, then you are kind of wasting all of this brilliance. With so many software programs out there, it is tough to narrow down a few that you should add to your computer in the near future, but here are four that will make your time on your computer much more interesting and enjoyable.

PC Decrapifier

There are probably loads of software on your computer that you don’t need that just eat away space and slow your device down. There is a very good chance that you don’t even realize these programs are on your computer in the first place. The PC Decrapifier will get rid of these software programs quickly. It will scan your computer, locate all of the bloatware that shouldn’t be on there, and eliminate all of it. In addition, it will show you all of your other software programs and allow you to delete anything you don’t want free and easy.


Do you fancy yourself a DJ or just like to compile your own music playlist? Audacity will make your work as professional as possible. It can record and mix audio along with hundreds of other options as well. Soon you will be putting out your own mixes to compete against the big boys.


3D printers are on the cusp of becoming something that everyone will soon have in their household. But what good is having a 3D printer if you are not sure how to operate it? You should try the Solidworks software as it will guide you step by step on how to achieve everything 3D. Soon enough, you will be showing it off to your family and friends.


Sometimes after a long day, all you want to do is sit down and get your mind off of everything. Something that is sort of brainless and fun to do and will occupy your mind and time. This is when Steam comes in. They offer you free PC games that you can play around on. And just when you are getting tired of one game, they will remove it and replace it with another one instead. No need to purchase as many computer games anymore!