What is the Best Educational Advice when Moving Abroad?

There is no doubt that one of the factors that you will want to deal with first when moving abroad is your family’s education. Making sure that your children will get a decent standard of schooling when you have moved is vital for their welfare. Getting this right will not only see them graduate with internationally recognized qualifications but also help them enjoy their new life as much as you do. It will also make things much less stressful for you!

Education is one of the major parts of any move abroad with your family. With this in mind, the below tips should help you get it right.

What is the best advice for finding the ideal school? 

With so many different options and schools out there, it can seem daunting trying to choose the one that is best for your kids. Here are some great pieces of advice to help you narrow it down:

  • Choose an international school – when you look at the educational options that you have, you may find local schools, private schools or even private tutors. By far the best school for most expat children (and even local ones!) is an international school. These offer internationally recognized qualifications, which is key for business, a diverse mix of cultures and a place that your child will feel truly at home.
  • Check the location – one key tip is to find out how far away the school that you choose is from where you will be living. While some traveling is ok, you do not want too long a journey for your children.
  • Look at the fees – naturally, some schools may charge a yearly fee for your child to attend. This is normally a good sign as it should guarantee a good standard of education. Of course, you will need to fit this into your budget, so always check this before you apply.
  • Apply early – don’t make the mistake of leaving it until the day you arrive or the day before term starts to apply for a place. Many of the top schools will get full up quite early on, so you need to do your research and submit any application well in advance.

Singapore – a great educational choice

Of course, the actual place that you move to is something to think about if you have a choice. Singapore is one of the best places in the world not only to live in but also for your child’s education. SAIS International School is found here and is very popular for the high standards that it offers. Check the SAIS school calendar for details of when to apply and when the year starts.

Education advice to help  

Hopefully, the above advice will help you to not only choose the right school but also settle into your new family life. Once safely enrolled and in attendance, your kids will soon love the new experiences and new friends that it brings. This will allow your whole family to fully enjoy the next chapter in your lives.