What is More Significant Skill or Concept?

The individual’s character is formed upon many things. The character is the foundation on which everything else is built upon. The main components which nourish an individual’s character are the number of skills he holds and the concepts nurturance he has. These are the two components determine the competence level of the individuals, and the level of success he is capable of attaining. Various debates have taken place among the experts on the exploitation of these two concepts, which still keeps on occurring very often. However, no one can pinpoint as to what factor it is that makes a certain term hold dominance over the other. There are various situations which are observed in which a certain aspect may hold more power on other, and in some when neither one, though there are no set criteria to assist us in making the decision as to what is more significant. For examining the two terms, we have discussed below certain important points in order to develop your understanding so that you can give your input on the debates happening:

  • Concepts

The concepts are often regarded as the knowledge one withhold related to any discipline, which is quite right. It is familiarity which the individuals have with the theoretical concepts exhibited in the books and which can be transferred from one individual to another, however, it is not limited to it. Concepts can further be developed in the individual by his observation of the phenomena or learning activities in which he engages.  However, the implementation of these concepts is done through the adaptation of the skills. For instance, an article on cheap essay writing services highlighted that an individual may learn all the concepts essential for playing the guitar, however, to play the guitar he needs skills.

  • Skills

Skill is the termed which is related to the practicality. In it, various concepts learned are being put to use in a predefined situation. The skill development cannot take place on its own, but it requires a plethora of concepts which back up the actions which the individual takes termed as skills. It requires consistency and practices, it also uses an assimilation which exists between the individual’s sensory input and the output. The skills take place as a result of the interaction among the individuals, this interaction can be in the form of listening, conversing, observing and more. The skill mastery in the individual requires undergoing the phases in which errors are made. For instance, an individual may be nurtured on a concept but without implementation and practices, the probability of the retainment of that particular concept remains low.

  • Final Thoughts

The debate as to what is significant in concept and skill cannot reach a conclusion. Because the answer is pretty simple, the concept requires the skill to be utilized whereas the skill requires concepts to be applied. Shortage or deficiency of any one of the components in an individual can undermine the competency and potential one holds. Whether the concern is about the individual’s academics or the professional life one lives, without the integration of the two the success is not possible. These two concepts are correlated and therefore must be simultaneously taught to individuals for equipping them which the survival kit in this competitive world.


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