Tip For Hiring A Tarmac Company

Tip For Hiring A Tarmac Company

Laying tarmac is not an easy task it is extremely intricate. Tarmac is a substance that can withstand the test of time. When tarmac is laid by a professional tarmac company it can last for many, many years, in a number of environments.

What is Tarmac?

“Macadam” also known as tarmac is the process of binding together smaller aggregates. Tarmac has been around for many years and the technique was invented by a pioneer called John MacAdam way back in the 19th century. Many argue that tarmac existed long before this as the Chinese have been using a form of Macadam as far back as 3000BC. John Macadam was involved heavily in the development of tar-based macadams.

We asked tarmac contractors, RM Kennedy and Sons to explain what tarmac is “tarmacadam is a bituminous material which can be used paving. Tarmacadam is often shorted to “Tarmac”, however, it is also referred to as Asphalt. The substance is comprised of tar and broken stone. A professional tarmac laying company will then mix and shape the substance, laying it and brushing it evenly. The mixture is then set with tarmac laying machinery such as a steamroller.

Tip For Hiring A Tarmac Company

What Type Of Companies Use Surfacing Contractors?

• Facilities Management Contractors

• Schools, Universities & Colleges

• Civil Engineering Contractors

• Local Authorities & Councils

• Sports Grounds & Facilities

• Commercial Estate Agents

• Building Contractors

• Private Individuals

• Utility Contractors

Not only do businesses need surfacing contractors, a number or public and private businesses need road surfacing companies. There are a number things that surfacing companies can do, they can build motorways, private roads, trunk roads, airfields, race tracks, footpaths, cycle paths, housing estate roads and private car parks – you name it, anything can be done with tarmac and asphalt.

Hiring reputable tarmacadam contractors

Get your tarmac project off to the right start if you plan on hiring tarmacadam contractors in Glasgow. If you are sensible you will read reviews and do your research into different tarmac companies. If you want the best results we would suggest that you always ask for examples of their work, make sure that the business you are dealing with have customer testimonials on their website.

Tip For Hiring A Tarmac Company

Questions to ask Tarmacadam contractors

Asking these types of questions should help you to identify whether or not the tarmacadam contractors you have selected are reputable and the right choice for your needs. No matter whether you are asking for a simple tarmac driveway or for a whole road to be resurfaced, only professional tarmacadam contractors will do the job properly.

• How experienced are you?
•How Long have you been laying tarmac?

• The challenges they expect to face during the job
• Prices and any hidden charges or extras
• Ask to speak to a previous client

This is just a general guide of what you should as a tarmac company during a first consultation. Make sure that they give you all the answers you need to make the best and most cost-effective decision. If you have any other questions, reach out to a local tarmac company and tell them about your requirements.