Perfecting A Work-life Balance In 7 Simple Steps

Our lives have become busy and we are so caught up in them that we rarely find time for any other pursuits, even family. There is nothing wrong with working hard and striving towards achieving your goals but the real question is where does hard work end? We are not here on earth only to earn a living, are we?

This article will detail few of the steps that will help you accomplish both work and life balance that you so desperately seeks. We work so that we can live our lives with ease. What is the point of earning when there is no life left to live? So without further ado, here goes the steps.

1.      Critique yourself

Be your biggest critique. If you are not then it is about time you become one. Why do I say that? Simple you need to keep track of your time. You should be able to tell where your valuable time has flown off to. If you cannot then you really need to ponder.

It is because if the time is being served in working late then it is really alarming. You are not getting the work done in the time allotted to you during work hours. Only you are responsible if you are not getting the time out for picnics, going bungee jumping, taking your spouse out for dinner, spending quality time with your kids etc.

By becoming a critique of yourself you will know where action needs to be taken. Is it the work or is it your boss that is making you sit for long hours for no reason when you are handing in your work on time. This will allow you to evaluate options.

2.      Knockout big tasks first

Evaluating yourself is the first step. Now you are past that. Next thing which you should be focusing on is if it is not the boss and the work is still taking a lot of your time then it is best to see what actually is the work? Are there a lot of tasks? If there are then can you break them down into smaller chunks and separate them from the major ones?

If you can do then let’s attend to the big ones first. It is because these huge chunks are making you sit back and miss out big things in life. By prioritising them you will be at your peak performance and can attend to them with zeal and zest. Trust me that is how you will get these out of the way. Smaller tasks can be dealt with later, say, after lunch.

3.      Create a schedule

It is easier to just create a to-do list of things halfheartedly and then never go back to it. We all do it. The real benefit is derived when you actually abide by it. Heck, I say don’t come up with a list of to-do things rather create schedule about your whole day ahead.

Wake up in the wee hours of the morning and ensure that you play your day in the head and how it will pan out. Start writing or assigning time to different tasks that you will be engaging yourself in (don’t clock the nature’s call, that you decide in the spur of the moment how much you are willing to dedicate ;))

Another way to cope up is by steering clear of the trap of having to reply to emails and returning phone calls. You can find custom help – assignment assistance online. It is good to do so but the important ones are few and far between and you must learn to distinguish between them.

4.      Avoid interruptions

There is only one way you could avoid interruptions and get your work done on time and make time for life other than your workplace. You exclaim “Tell me quick! What is it?!” One word; discipline. You will have to observe strict discipline – military like. Close unwanted browser tabs, put your phone silent if it helps and plug in your headphones (if that is your thing at keeping distractions at bay).

5.      Turn off autopilot

On many occasions, it is easier to get swayed in the race to finish the task that you don’t happen to leave your workstation until the work is completed. Although, nothing wrong with it then don’t complain that you can’t find time to maintain a work-life balance.

It is only you who can turn off that autopilot. Therefore, it is advisable to take breaks from time to time so that you can refresh your brain and approach work with rejuvenated mind. It is also essential that you take a break from your workstation as then you have the opportunity to stretch your body.

6.      Learn the power of saying “no”

The power of saying “no” is often misunderstood by the majority. People think that by saying “no” you are offending them which is wrong. Saying “no” is your right and can be exercised at any given time when you feel like that it would be too much for you to handle.

If you are busy then simply telling your colleague “no” does not make you a villain if he asking for your help with a task. Even if the person feels offended for some reason that is not your headache is it? You cannot squeeze in another task when you are already burdened with one.

When you start practising and learning the power of “no”, you will have ample time to yourself and for enjoying life outside of office premises. You will be better able to honour commitments, participate in community work, and hit the gym and so on so forth. All courtesy of a simple “no”

7.      Know when you’re done

Now, this is a tricky one. We are all inclined sometimes to go through our work over and over again just to make it perfect. That is a mistake. You have done your best with the time you had and you must know when you are done.