Extreme Coasteering In The Playground of Scotland

Extreme Coasteering In The Playground of Scotland

Scotland has become one of the most popular tourist destinations over the years due to its rugged landscapes which play host to a number of outdoor activities – including extreme coasteering. A huge number of outdoor activities are within driving distance of the major cities in Scotland – therefore, even if you are on a short city break, you can be assured that adventure is never far away when you visit Scotland.

No matter what type of activities you are looking to participate in during your trip to Scotland, you will find it all. For those looking for something adventurous you could go extreme coasteering in one of Scotland’s top destinations or if you want something a bit more laid back then there are countless activities on land air and sea for you to choose from.

Extreme Coasteering is the ultimate pick for those who want to push themselves a little further and try something different on their trip to Scotland. Coasteering is the ultimate ocean rush and due to the beauty and ruggedness of the Scottish coastline, it cannot be beaten for coasteering!

During your extreme coasteering adventure you will do everything, from cliff jumping to swimming through caves and discovering natural Jacuzzis to relax or play in. Two of the main areas that are used for coasteering in Scotland are Arbroath and Oban. These are easily reached from some of Scotland most popular city destinations.

Coasteering Dundee

If you are visiting the vibrant city of Dundee whilst in Scotland then you are excellentExtreme Coasteering In The Playground of Scotlandly situated to go coasteering in Arbroath, near to Dundee. Coasteering in Dundee, more specifically on the east coast of Scotland involves taking in the breath-taking coastline during a day packed full of adventure. Many flock to north of Arbroath, a small historic fishing village in order to get the ultimate east coast buzz! After you have finished your day why not visit the town of Arbroath for a famous Arbroath smokie?

Coasteering Edinburgh

In being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a tourist hub all year round. If you find yourself stopping in Edinburgh during your trip to Scotland then you are never too far away for activity, whether it be visiting the historical landmarks of the capital or something more action packed like coasteering in Edinburgh. Again, Arbroath is just a short drive from the capital meaning that you can spend a day looking for some of Scotland’s sea life whilst cliff jumping and rock pool sliding.

Extreme Coasteering In The Playground of Scotland

During your stay in Edinburgh or Dundee there is no need to worry about transport to and from these activities, there are travel companies which can take you there and back, making sure you get back to your hotel after a day of adventure on Scotland’s epic coastline.

Why Choose Scotland for Your Next Trip?

If you are looking for a diverse trip that can combine culture, good food and adventure then Scotland is the perfect choice. Scotland is a hugely diverse country which boasts stunning landscapes and kind people who will strive to make your trip everything you dreamed and more!