8 Blogging Sites That Will Encourage You To Write More

onlnie blogging platforms

Technological development gave us one more place where we could express our ideas and opinions freely. So, why not start doing it now. Blogging serves a multifunctional purpose. You could share your photos, find like-minded people, get professional advice, and promote your business.

Depending on a goal your blog will carry, the type of blog may vary. Review the following list of writing platforms and choose the one that will fit your needs best.


One fifth of all websites are using WordPress. That should be enough to convince you of the website’s popularity, quality, and reliability. The platform allows you to create a new blog with a reasonable number of settings. This makes it easier for a newbie. All in all, choosing WordPress hostings is the best option for those who want to get the perfect combination of power, smart settings, and flexibility for free.


The name speaks for itself. Using your Google ID, you’ll create a blog in no time. Choice of design will take a few moments. It is said that Blogger is greatly favored by the Google Search Engine, thus making your world easier to find.


If the WordPress and Twitter had a child, it would be the Tumblr. With a slight hint of Instagram, it is perfect for sharing multiple photos with short descriptions into the feed. It is also known for audio blogging, allowing you to share music that reflects your mood. On par with other platforms, it’s packed with plenty of inspirational themes. To top all that, it’s mobile friendly.


Jekyll turns simple text files into a static site, ready to be hosted. Creating a blog using this service eliminates the need to work with the database and other technical items. Therefore, it protects you from making mistakes. The way the posts are written in this blog sphere largely determines the circle of its users: those who need a site with an extremely understandable structure and minimum challenges during the web publishing.


Weebly is more a site builder than a platform exclusively for blogs. Nevertheless, blogging is also one of the main features. Millions of people embody their unique ideas and promote them using the platform. Customizable layouts, free themes, and share buttons will aid in advancing your blog and making it one of a kind.


This one is to be downloaded and installed on your computer because the platform has work cut out for it. On a bright side, it is relatively new. It originated as a Kickstarter, so plenty of fresh ideas are at your disposal. It is nice and neat for the IT programmers who like all things new.


Describing itself as innovative, it is not a platform for blogs, in its traditional sense. Like those mentioned earlier, it has many similar functions. In Jux, you can create your own microblogging and share information with other users. Jux will provide you with a clear and beautiful approach to blogging. If the content of your blog is mainly focused on visual content, like photo and design, Jux can surprise even experienced bloggers.


Having gathered the support of Movable Type, the blogging platform has created a paradise for bloggers who do not need to understand the extra settings for their online diary, whereas wish to give it more functionality. The platform is paid for, but the company takes all necessary steps to maintain your blog and provides a domain in the com zone.

Such gigantic web-host as WordPress is responsible for the work of the other popular blog services such as the Blogetery and So, if you have the WordPress account, it will be easier for you to develop your web page there and give it a makeover to fit your imagination.

Final advice is to read users’ comments. They are the ones who have pioneered the product and can share the real experience. Moreover, they have used the platform long enough to judge about the latest updates and tips on customizing your web page. Some websites even provide the percentage rating of the blogging platforms. Be sure to check it. Weigh out the pros and cons and let your voice be heard.