5 Must Have Skills For Managers In Any Field

universal management skills

When hiring a manager, at first the employers usually pay attention to standard requirements, such as work experience, education, and professional skills. To pass this stage all that a candidate usually needs is a well-built resume.

Except for these basics, a manager should have excellent communication skills to cooperate with employees. Check this list of the most important interpersonal skills every manager should have.

The Power of Words

The ability to express the ideas clearly is essential for a manager. The speech should be concise and professional. A leader should have a rich vocabulary and know how to apply. It will help the employees to understand their task and complete them faster without fails.

A manager should also know a jargon and the professional terms used in this field and in a certain company. It will help you communicate with colleagues and clients effectively.

Nonverbal Codes

The usage of non-verbal signals is a part of productive communication. Eye contact, tone, volume, intonation, clothes, facial expressions, posture, gestures should be under control and give the right message.

People often underestimate the influence of this factors and it may ruin the impression. The crossed arms make you look distant and cold. The absence of eye contact says to an interlocutor that you are bored and not attentive which probably was not your intention.

Good Leader Is a Good Listener

The ability to listen carefully and pay attention to all the details is highly important for a manager. It should be done not only during personal conversations but also during a meeting.The questions and comments should not be ignored.

Listening to everyone will help to prevent the future mistakes and misunderstanding. It is surely one of the most important skills that will make the communication more effective.

Ability to Negotiate

Negotiating is something that a manager faces every day. It is important to know how to make a good deal with a client or find a compromise. A manager should always act according to the company’s interests and in the same time make sure a customer is satisfied too. Keeping this balance requires some skills.

Do not forget, a manager should also negotiate with employees who might not be happy with their schedule or other work conditions.

Dealing with Problems

A manager is responsible for everything to go smoothly despite all the possible conflicts and unpredictable changes.

An employee that did not come to work, a blackout in the office, late delivery of products and other difficulties should not stop the working process. Good problem-solving skills allow a manager to keep everything under control and maintain a calm working atmosphere.

Encouraging Skills

A manager is a leader that helps a team to move in a right direction. Nothing will work without clear tasks and motivation. Rewarding hard work, giving bonuses for successfully completed tasks will enhance the productivity of employees.

Even complimenting for a good work sometimes could be enough to encourage a worker.Do not forget to pay the attention to the undesirable actions as well and show the team that they may have consequences.

If you realized that you do not have all the skills mentioned above, do not give up on your desire to be a manager. Pay attention to office manager resume tips that can teach you how to present yourself to the future employer.

As for the necessary skills, they can be developed with the help of educational books, videos, and courses. The most important thing is to know what is to improve.