Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: The Turning Point

Samsung is playing miracles with their smartphones. The curved display smartphones seems to be future and Samsung is ahead in the race with Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge and now new form factor device Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 would take the position of Samsung to next level technology.

There are various things that could win your heart in Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2, firstly its special two-edges display and massive performance. On other hand, great camera specifications were always missing in Samsung phones, but Galaxy Note 2 camera could define something better for the future of Samsung’s smartphones. If you remember, the image captured by the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge offers a good balance between noise and sharpness, alongside the iPhone 6 Plus, which is considered by many as the best camera phone on the market. Definitely optical stabilization is helpful when capturing pictures in low light. And the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is able to record video up to 3,840 x 2,160 resolution UHD in 16: 9-30 fps and 1080p, 720p or VGA (640 × 480) quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: The Turning Point

One advantage when recording at 1080p is that you can enlarge up to 2x lossless. The videos in format UHD have a bit rate per second near 50 Mbps (1 minute video takes up 350 MB), so be careful not to exhaust storing them. Finally, you can also record videos in slow motion 120 fps, but only at 720p and since the amount of light that is captured in each image is smaller, the video quality suffers too. The front camera has also been improved and now has an aperture of f /1.9 (against f / 2.45 in the Galaxy Note 3 f / 2.4 on the Galaxy S5) and 3.7MP resolution has increased to match the screen. Samsung has incorporated a wide mode to selfies allowing the terminal to move left and right to catch and join three images into one image with amplitude of 120 degrees.

Other improvements that Samsung go for in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 is the application Contacts and Phone, currently Samsung adequately fulfill its mission. If we open the details of a contact, every possible way to contact him, including through third party applications like WhatsApp. An interesting feature is that you can make a call quickly by dragging your finger from left to right over the name of a contact. If you drag in the opposite direction you send a text message. But it is not as functional as Apple iOS and interface, and if Samsung is considering the direct competitor as iPhone 6 then it must do something different which would not only take the Galaxy Note Edge 2 ahead but also it will define it as the best of 2015.